We offer our clients a 360º service in debt recovery, legal management, and procedural law. We apply cutting edge technology to every process we manage, transforming bureaucratic delays into quick and agile procedures.

We work hand in hand with the main banks, hedge funds, communication agencies and many other private and public national corporations, providing a close quality service.

We are Legal

Our sophisticated technological processes enable us to manage large numbers of proceedings. We are the national leaders in debt recovery, legal management, and procedural law.

In the year to date we handle the following numbers: 10% of all legal debt recovery proceedings of the country

We are Technology

We apply the latest technology as strategic tool to automatize each and every process and to optimize our clients’ resources and time. Thanks to our team, we have developed in-house A.I y M.L technology systems that enable us to be flexible and to manage an unlimited number of proceedings.

Artificial Intelligence applied to processes enables our clients to achieve their goals rapidly and with the minimum of expense.

We have developed an intelligent software, LYRA.